BWUHUHUHUHU. . . , . Welcome!! to WYRM’S OBOL: a valuable and highly respectable cyberbezoar coughed up by Palimrya herself while she was bleeding on your bathroom floor. it's okay, you were sleeping, you didn't know. now hush! take the coin into your fist. admire its dull weight, its warmth. pop it in your mouth and buff it to a gemmy shine with your little tongue. mmm, sour! now melt into one of your reflections:

Get Your Gun, Dragonfly: a semipoetical cyberpunk love story about two brainfucked trans women, an American genocide, a sack of stolen guavas, and a death drive jammed in reverse — at

TREAT ME EARLY: a poem about getting a sex change so god doesn't have to (because that would be really embarrassing for Him, bless His heart) — at Strange Horizons

Getting Better: a two-player, single-session roleplaying game about a person with a mind that might be a grievous wound — a 200 Word RPG Challenge entrant

My First and Last Proclamation as the Child Freed and Crowned Queen of Omelas: an earnest, dramatic, blood-red Le Guin fanfic poem — at Prismatica

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